Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friend's Wedding Dinner at Malacca

     Last weekend, I was invited to a friend's wedding dinner at Malacca. I'm going to Malacca with 3 others friend in a car. At start plan start the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca at around 1:15pm but end up we just start at 3pm after having lunch together.
     After arrive in Malacca, we visit and have a taste on the layer cake which is popular in Malacca. We have order 7 different taste of the cake and the most we like is the Chocolate Banana.

     Just after finish taste the great layer cake. We just direct to our friend's wedding dinner which locate at Good New World Restaurant. The food is good especially the fish and prawn are feel fresh. We all are having a good and crazy time over the dinner together and after the dinner our manager treat us to a second round of eating on "Satay Celup" to taste the famous food in Malacca.
     Congratulation to Boon Hong and Siu Geng again on you wedding and wish both you life great together forever.

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